Hello there

I’m Joshua Powell. I design user experiences that enable people to connect with humans, devices, and data.

I’m currently a User Experience Designer at Honeywell. I previously lead product design and engineering at Viable. I’ve helped dozens of businesses and organizations develop products, platforms, and systems that make their teams more efficient, more productive, and help them realize new revenue streams.

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Current -

Organic, small-scale four-season indoor farming

Experimenting with indoor growing methods, how technology can interface to increase crop yields, and applying outdoor-growing concepts.

Open source location based API gateway

Expanding an open source location-based data API into a platform. I'm currently writing technical documentation and planning the future of the platform.

Adventure-style game called Dark Cedars

Premise: You join a group of loggers on an expedition to harvest six rare trees that hold a dark secret. Will you make it out?

Connecting microcontrollers and sensors to the cloud

I'm programming microcontrollers to transmit simple sensor data to cloud data APIs and user interfaces

Recent -

If you're interested in the design systems, information architecture, or user interface exploration that went into these projects, I can provide details on an as-needed basis via email.

Image for Snapology


Empowering a global franchise to share the magic of STEM with our children.

Image for WaterReporter


Connecting environmental stewards with a distributed citizen workforce.

Image for National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Saving and sustaining our fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats for this generation and the next.

Image for Clean Water Hub

Clean Water Hub

Mobilizing volunteers to track water quality in local creeks and streams.

Image for CommonsCloud


Equipping nonprofits and foundations with the ability to collect and share geospatial data.

Image for IRMA


The answer to global demand for more socially and environmentally responsible mining.

Dream Projects -

I love to help people design user experiences around data, but I'd jump at the chance to work on:


Connected farming devices. Weather sensors. Soil and moisture monitoring.

Examples: FreightFarms, Bowery, AeroFarms


Autonomous Vehicle UI/UX. Automotive Connected Dashboards. Connected-Vehicle Cloud.

Examples: Uber, Argo, Mapbox

Internet of Things

Connected devices. Devices with Cloud Data. Mesh Networks. Using HAM-style Radio to Transmit Data.

Examples: Fitbit, Nest, Edyn,


Open source environmental solutions. Technology and environmental conservation.

Examples: Patagonia, REI, Sea Shepherd

Need help?

If you have a design system, platform, or API-based project that you are interested in starting and need an experienced product designer or API specialist, send me an email.